Benefits of Holosan

Schuhmannfrequency set exactly
strenght of treatments modified 6 stages
Software controlled 6500 frequency patterns
digitalise your own frequency pattern integrate in software
special therapie 2 treatments at the same time
proven measurement method Dr. Voll
frequencys up to date year 2016
Stronger Therapie once a month is adequate
sinleMatik automatic Testing
New 2019 Bioresonance for animales

Innovation from austria

Made in Germany

Product Description

Our new HOLOSAN® bioresonance is based on 20 years of experience with Bioresonanz-treatments from practice and the latest findings of quantum research and developed by the most experienced company for medical technology in Germany, the Fa. Kindling  Hildesheim. The machine is produced according to DIN EN ISO certification.

The HOLOSAN bioresonance consists of 4 main parts: EAV measuring system, according to official standards IMGEAV (International Medical Society for electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll) for diagnostic measurement and evaluation by EAV standards and testing with HOLOSAN insight software.

  • Frequency range up to 1,000,000 Hz, high and low pass for acute and degenerative treatment.

    complete Equipment carry on baggage
  • Direct and inverse circuit Integrated input and output plates for test and drug transfer
  • Direct delivery Integrated Therapy smart charging Therapy
  • back pad to apply reinforcement Nosodes, food, bacteria, secretions – test integrated input plate and transfer option to patients means, globules, therapy Chip Reading 



Automatic testsystem singleMatik®

HOLOSAN® offers the first automatic bioresonance testing with real single measurements!

Advantages of singleMatik®

accurate diagnosis, reproducible results

software controlled, well delegable, can be learned in 10 minutes

handy measurement with remote control

acupuncture points do not fatigue

comfortable for the therapist due to an energetic distance to the Patient




HOLOSAN® insight Software  for diagnosis and therapy with about 8000 data sets(The substance samples include all clinical relevant areas, organ nosodes, bacteria, virus, food, environmental pollutants, different kinds of electrosmog.) as well as homeopathic data sets in exact individual potencies with modern program design and the possibility to scan in your own frequencies. Modern program design with easier handling.

The purchase price includes the complete equipment (PC, printer, all accessories, treatment cream, etc.) for immediate use in your practice, training and starting up of the equipment.


Veterinary testing without pendulum and tensor NEW 2018

HOLOSAN® bioresonance body check for horse, dog and cat!

singleMatik® by HOLOSAN® bioresonance enables a holistic body check of pets in a short time.

The automatic HOLOSAN® bioresonance measurement by means of electrodes and remote control is gentle for the animal and localizes ailments and their intensity. The following therapy passes through magnetic heads which are are fixed on a light special saddle for horses.

The therapy eases the pains of the animal and stimulates the self healing powers of the Body.



The HOLOSAN bioresonance is like homeopathy, acupuncture and other alternative methods a special therapy in the field of regulatory medicine. HOLOSAN bioresonance has not been object of scientific research and also not yet recognized in the conventional medicine.