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The HOLOSAN Bioresonanztreatment is a new advanced form of bio-resonance which grew out of the synthesis decades of practical experience to the patient and the know-how of one of the the market leader for medical technology from Germany .

Dr.med Kerstin Kretschmann
Mag.Christof Ruby
Doz Ing. Johann Schreyer












The HOLOSAN Bioresonanz, which was developed in Austria, is a modern method for the effective holistic therapy of health issuses.

For the first time in energy medicine, HOLOSAN not only treats the organs but in addition also treats energy blocks in the autonomic nervous system and the central nervous system . The self regulation of the body is decisively activated, enhancing the ability of the body to heal itself. The causes of any illness are treated, rather than the symptoms or the individual organs.

The word “holosan”  first used by it’s inventors, the Doz.Ing. Johann Schreyer and Mag. Christof Ruby. It stands for the therapy goal of treating the whole person (greek holos = whole). Holosan Bioresonance works with a special Software and Hardware, a new diagnosis- and therapy machine of the energy medicine, which links the traditional complementary-medical system and modern results of research in one Synthesis.


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53. Medinzinsche Woche 31st October – 4th November 2019

Kongresshaus Baden-Baden/Germany

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ARAB HEALTH 2019 28th – 31st January 2019

Dubai World Trade Center/United Arab Emirates

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We are happy to present you our HOLOSAN® Bioresonance equipment

with the innovative, automatic testsystem singleMatic®!

Contact: vertrieb@bioresonanz.at


The HOLOSAN bioresonance is as such as homeopathy , acupuncture and other methods of special therapy in the form of regulatory medicine . Within the special therapy that is HOLOSAN Bioresonanztherapie recognized as proven therapy method . In conventional medicine, however the HOLOSAN bioresonance has not been subject to scientific research and not yet approved .